He, Zhen Jun – joiner.

“I started at the workshop six months ago. I used to work the 700km Guangzhou to Xiamen route as a truck driver. It was exhausting. We did eight-hours-on, eight-hours-off shifts the whole time. The worst part was that I could only come home once a year to visit my wife and son. Now I see them everyday.”


Chest of drawers, shabby chic style

“Some of the other drivers made a little money on the side by siphoning off petrol from each trip, but I refused to do it. It meant people didn’t want to work with me though. I went through four driving partners in one year.”

Chest of drawers, shabby chic style

“When I decided to leave I didn’t tell my boss the reasons. The management team tried hard to get me to stay, but I knew I’d rather get an honest job near my family. Life is so much better now in every way.”


Zhen Jun attaches the drawers to designs like our Rubricks.

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