How did you meet your wife?

Hong Bo grins. “I come from the local area but my wife grew up in a province far away from here. We were set up by her sister who worked nearby, she invited my wife to stay with her and that’s how we met.”


chest of drawers, retro style in reclaimed wood

 Crafting the legs for our Rubricks chest of drawers, Hong Bo, who is a supervisor in the workshop, tells us how he always wanted to be a carpenter, ever since his early teens. “I just loved making things with wood.”


chest of drawers, retro style in reclaimed wood

 “The first proper piece of furniture I ever made on my own was a bench, when I was 19,” he tells us. “When I was even younger I made myself wooden stilts and used to walk around on them in the village for fun, but I’m not sure that counts!’

Gu, Hong Bo, 40, carpenter

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