Hai, 37 – upholsterer.

“I had a near-death experience in 2000. I came off of my bike in front of a car. I smashed my arm and chest and was in a coma for 15 days. But when my girlfriend came to visit she yelled at me to wake up. So I did. Then I married her!”

Sofas, mid-century style

“I still have a scar on my left forearm from where they had to pin the bones together. When the weather’s cold I can feel the wound twinge.”

Sofa, mid-century style

Hai’s full of smiles throughout his story, and when we ask whether the accident changed him, he simply says. “Yes, but for the better. It’s made me appreciate my life more. I’m married to the woman of my dreams, and I can still do the work that I enjoy. What’s not to be happy about?”


Hai upholsters our Mimi two-seater sofas.

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