Jana Sandoval – designer and founder of Bococo.

“I founded Bococo with Julia Sandoval and Emily Arciszewska. We have a shared philosophy to create unique, hand-made products with a story and a soul. My heritage is Filipina-German and our aim is introduce traditional Filipino patterns to the international design community while supporting the artisans of disappearing crafts. We discover our inspiration in global travel. Nothing makes me happier than adventures in a new land.”



“This pattern was inspired by a traditional textile from the Bagobo tribe in southern Philippines. The Bagobo incorporated many natural elements and symbols into their weaving. I named this print after a fragrant Filipino flower called the Kalachuchi. It’s known as ‘the temple flower'”.



“When I’m working I like to mix things up. I’ll use paints, inks and different textiles and try to not decide fully on what I’m designing. I like to let an idea bubble until it gets to where it was meant to go.”



“We chose the Milly chair together. It’s a simple, retro design that carries the pattern’s graphic edge well. It summarises our brand’s design traits perfectly: graphic, geometric and playful.”


Jana is one of the founders of ethical lifestyle brand, Bococo. They were behind sell-out Designer Edition of the Karla armchair and our new Milly chair.