Tell us something interesting about your village.

“Everybody in my village has one of two surnames – Long or Yang. I’m a Long and my wife is a Yang. It’s not controversial, there’s no Long-Yang blood feud or anything! In fact, before anyone gets married they have to check with the village authorities to prevent crossing bloodlines.”


Bench, Gustavian style

 Jia Ping assembles the frame of our Gustavian-style Juliette bench and talks to us about his wife. “My wife is an introvert and I’m an extrovert. We balance each other out.”


Bench, Gustavian style

He talks to us about how he remains quiet if she cooks something, perhaps unsuccessfully. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. His wife on the other hand, is always telling him off! “I’d rather have her telling me off than not have her at all,” he says, smiling.

Long, Jia Ping, 35, assembler

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