Qian, Jing, 59, reclaimed wood buyer.

“I fancy myself as a little bit of a historian. I think that’s what led me here. Most of the reclaimed woods used in furniture are 40 years old. Sometimes even a hundred. And every piece has a story behind it.”


furniture, retro style in reclaimed wood

“I’m on the road a lot. Some reclaimed woods are more rare, like elm and poplar. I’ll travel into provinces from further afield to find those. I feel like an explorer.”


furniture, retro style in reclaimed wood

 “Recently they took down a series of army barracks built by the Japanese Forces in the 1930s. Lots of reclaimed wood was sourced from that project. The floods in the Jiangxi province took away a lot of homes too. It was very sad. We salvaged a lot of wood from those too. It means the buildings can live on. ”

Qian, Jing, sources and buys the reclaimed wood used to craft our Rubricks collection

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