How do you prepare for festivals like Holi and Diwali?

“That’s when my friends and I play kabaddi,” he says, referring to the contact sport that originated in Ancient India and is now an internationally played game. “I’m pretty good at it.” He grins. “I’ve suffered minor bruises but that’s OK, it’s worth it. I’ll always take one for the team.”


Armchair, French-style in cotton or velvet

“I started work here as an apprentice. I learnt on the job, getting involved in as much as I could to learn fast and to see what I liked the most,” Kaluramji explains. “Now look where I am. I work on the finishing touches to some of our most popular pieces, like the Lille armchair. It’s a privilege. I’ve come a long way.”


Armchair, French-style in cotton or velvet

“I want my children to have the best education we can give them.” He has four children. The youngest is seven and the eldest, 15. “I’m always telling them to try to enjoy their homework, to see it as a good thing, to aim high. I’m not sure they always appreciate it though!”

Kaluramji Atal, 35, finishing artisan

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