What do you think about while you work?

With this, Kaushal’s eyes light up. “My children. I don’t see them often, but when I do I couldn’t be happier. They always run up and hug me at the front door”. For a moment he pauses and then grins at the floor. “And my wife. I love my wife’s smile”.


Rug, contemporary style in golden chevron

Specialising in the dyeing of the yarn used in our Lombard rugs, Kaushal explains that this is not an easy skill to master. “I started off as an unskilled labourer, but now I’ve been doing this for ten years. I’ve become very good”. We watch him work, accurately and admirably, his concentration never faltering.


Rug, contemporary style in golden chevron

 “There’s a difference between wet and dry colour, so the most difficult part is getting the colour perfect across every rug,” he explains. “We used to dry the rugs under the sun, but now we have drying chambers so we have more control. I like that. I like knowing I can make things perfect.”


Kaushal Kishore, 28, yarn specialist

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