Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire, designers and founders of Mini Moderns.

“Most of our designs begin life as wallpaper. That’s what makes up the core of our collections and it’s the first product we launch all of our prints on. We can find inspiration anywhere but there’s always some sort of personal connection to either one of us. We’re both social history buffs so we always try to weave stories into our designs.”


“The Carnaby’s simplicity is what first drew us in. Not to mention the mid-century influence which sits well with most of our prints. We were both very clear on what pattern would suit it best. We’ll be doing a collaboration with you on the Karla armchair in a different fabric. The exact same reasons were true for that piece too.”


“Our Pavilion print is a firm favourite and dates back to our ‘Daytripper’ collection. It celebrates the 1951 Festival of Britain and is based on the abacus screen designed by Edward Mills. The Harvest Orange colourway was first born in our Folk Rock line. It’s another of our favourites.”


Chair, retro style Designer Edition by Mini Moderns

Mini Moderns began life a long way from where it is today. Every experience along the way has informed our creative output though. Our mixed backgrounds in design, print, branding, television as well as our shared love of colour and pattern made all of this possible. We refuse to be pigeonholed by job titles and clients. We have a flexible approach to business and are proud to only work on projects that inspire us.”


Keith and Mark are the designers behind two of our Designer Editions – the Carnaby chair and the upcoming Karla armchair. 

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