Li, Ya Ping, 28 – treating reclaimed wood.

“I have two men in my life. My six-year-old son is incredibly naughty and just loves to play. And my husband, I nag him a lot. He seems to just deal with it, which is great…for me. What would men do without us?”


furniture, retro style

“I use to work in a light bulb factory. I find working here more fun as I know more people, and we get the flexibility of being able to work outside when the weather is nice.”


furniture, retro style

“I love going out with my friends, they’re cheery and up for having a laugh, like me. Sometimes we go for a walk up the mountains where there’s a fairground with bumper cars and we can let our inner child come out to play and have fun.” She even stuck her tongue out at us.

Ya Ping treats the reclaimed wood we use to craft our retro-style Rubricks collection.

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