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I love to watch Kung Fu movies, especially the classic ones.” He narrows his eyes and cocks his head, slightly. “The new ones are good but Li Xiao Long” – he uses the traditional name for the man we know as Bruce Lee – “is still my favourite.”


armchair, retro style in oak

Using an electric saw, he pushes a plank of solid oak against the blade, cutting out the basic shape of our Karla armchair’s legs. “I’ve always considered myself a bit of a handyman,” he tells us. “It’s the kind of work that leaves you feeling satisfied.”


armchair, retro style in oak

Long Quan is originally from Hunan province. “It’s really beautiful there. Mountains, rivers, lakes, it’s very picturesque.” He smiles. “You should go and visit!”

Jiang, Long Quan, 35, wood cutting artisan

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