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Luna has a naturally happy disposition. His colleagues claim he’s the joker. “I come from the Khati caste, it means carpenter. I love making all the furniture.” He drags out ‘all’ for emphasis – “allll the furniture.”


Chest of drawers, modern country

“I started out as a measurer and then I moved onto working with the machinery; saws, sanders, that sort of thing. My younger brother taught me,” he nods toward his brother and grins. “And now I’m more skilled than he is.” His brother rolls his eyes behind him.


Chest of drawers, modern country

Luna is wearing pants with a slight flare in the leg, we can’t help commenting on them. “I got these here in Jaipur,” he says, posing a little. “They’re the best pants for working in, and you can wear them to parties too!”

Luna, carpenter, 28

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