Luo, Dong Lan, 51 – seamstress.

“I’ve recently become a grandmother. My son is 30 and has an adorable six-month-old daughter. I’m at work all day so his mother-in-law looks after her during the weekdays. Since I only see her on Saturdays and Sundays, I can’t help but spoil her when I do see her.”


Armchair, Scandinavian style

“I married into the same village as my colleague, Qing De, many years ago. Not only do we work together, we’re practically neighbours. I would say we know each other very well.”


Armchair, Scandinavian style

“I’ve honestly never had so many photos taken of me before! I’m resisting the urge to pull a face at you to help me relax.” We tell her to go right ahead, but she’s too polite for that.

Dong Lan works on the upholstery for our Scandinavian-style Karla armchair

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