Luu, 34 – carpenter.

“My daughter has just turned two. My parents and uncles all saved up to buy her a gold ring that she can wear on special occasions – it’s just like my wedding ring. We have to stop her swallowing it though; she chews everything!”


Armchair, mid-century style

“The shape of furniture is one of the things that defines it the most. It can be the main thing that gives it its style. I like that I’m in charge of creating that.”


Armchair, mid-century style

Thành and I have worked together for two years now. We go out every now and then to have a drink. We nearly always end up talking about work though!”

They’re so close that they even finish each other’s sentences. Or maybe it’s because Luu is a bit shy; he’s happy to let Thành jump in and answer questions, he tells us as he pulls awkwardly at his ear lobe.

Luu cuts the shape of our Felix armchairs.

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