Where do you call home?

Manoj has a playful, almost flirtatious demeanour, like the world is his oyster and he’s ready to take it all. “I’m from a village called Basari and I travel into Jaipur for work every day. I like it better here. It’s a city; the culture is better and the opportunities are endless.”


Pouffe, contemporary style

 Manoj’s family are also stitching artisans in his village he tells us, pausing as he sews together the pieces of cotton dhurrie used on our Jasper pouffe. “I felt as though, if I came to Jaipur, I would get more experience. Not only as a craftsman, but life experience.”


Pouffe, contemporary style

 “I’m not married yet,” he says, a dreamy look in his eye. “I daydream about girls all day.” He grins at us. “Maybe I could marry you!”

Manoj Kumar, 28, stitching artisan

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