What do you enjoy about working with wood?

MD chuckles a little, as though a joke has been said and he’s the only one who understood the punch line. “It’s funny, you know.” He says, letting us in on the joke. “I love my job, I enjoy this kind of work.” He starts to laugh. “But I can’t stand the smell of timber!”


Side table, industrial style

“I get a real sense of satisfaction from making a piece of wood smooth.” He holds out a piece of wood for us to touch, the planks fused together, on their way to becoming tops for our Sullivan side tables. It feels pretty smooth to us. “Not smooth enough,” he says, and slides it back into the belt sander.


Side table, industrial style

 “I’m a simple man,” MD tells us, leaning on the wood neatly stacked beside his workstation. “I don’t feel stressed, I don’t find things too challenging. When I’m not at work, my family is my life.”


MD Shbairalam, 34, sander

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