What kind of music do you like?

The radio is playing in the background in the upholstery workshop. MD smiles, “I like pop music,” he says. “Indian pop music and even American pop music. I don’t understand the language but I like the tune, and the sound of the music. I like to sing too, but I’m not very good,” he grins. “More of a bathroom singer.”


Armchair, french-style in cotton or velvet

“When I’m working on the upholstery for the Lille armchair, my favourite part has to be the piping – it’s the bit I’m best at.” He demonstrates for us. His speed is incredible. His accuracy impeccable.


Armchair, french-style in cotton or velvet

We ask him about his wife. He’d already brought her up once or twice, clearly devoted. “My wife’s a funny woman, she’s always teasing me.” MD becomes visibly animated with big smiles and big gestures. “Sometimes, if I’m running late, she hides my lunch, just to wind me up. It drives me mad, but I can’t help but laugh. It means I leave the house with a smile.”


MD Sufian, 28, fabric artisan 

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