Nhut, 30 – designer of the Erika collection.

“I trained as an interior designer in Vietnam, but really wanted to learn more. I thought working on furniture would be a good stepping-stone. Six and a half years later though and I’m still designing furniture. I just love it. It’s my calling.”


Sofas, mid-century style

Bertil and I met at my old company, so I’ve worked with him my whole career. When he first set up the business, he would give me lots of advice on how he wanted the pieces to look. Now, he gives me very basic briefs. He trusts me.”


Sofas, mid-century style

“I don’t actually have any of the pieces I designed in my own home yet. But the Erika is definitely my favourite, so maybe it’ll be my first purchase.”


Nhut designs many of our Scandinavian and mid-century style pieces including the collection of Erika sofas.

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