Mimi, 25, account manager and inspiration for the Mimi collection.

Mimi has been living in Saigon for three years. She moved over from Denmark after university. “My connection to Denmark is much stronger than to Vietnam; although both my parents are Vietnamese. My father fled to Denmark during the Vietnamese war. He met my mother there. She’d run from the war too.”


Furniture, mid-century style

“In Vietnam, Vietnamese people who were born here, but lived abroad and then came back, are called Viet Kieu. There’s no name for someone like me, who was born elsewhere to Vietnamese parents, but it’s a very similar experience. Sometimes the language barrier can be difficult. It can make it hard to become good friends with locals.”


Furniture, mid-century style

Her name might ring a bell. We named our Mimi collection of sofas, armchairs and footstools after her. “Debbie had just started Swoon Editions when I met her. We drove to our showroom together and had a great conversation – we just really got on! In the future, I’d love to set up my own business – maybe Debbie will mentor me!”


See the designs that Mimi inspired in our Mimi collection.

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