Tell us about yourself.

Miss Arti is deceptively strong and endearingly shy. She carries a load of wet, freshly dyed wool with ease, but answers our questions in small squeaks. “My family say I’m a good cook,” she tells us, smiling and then looking at the ground. “I have two brothers and they both love my food.”


Rug, contemporary style in golden chevron

 After a little encouragement from her work colleagues, she confesses that in her spare time she likes to paint. “I paint scenic beauty, like rivers and mountains.” She says. “I also paint my hands and feet with henna. All my relatives come to me for henna painting, they think I’m the best at it.”


Rug, contemporary style in golden chevron

Miss Arti’s mother also works in the workshop where the yarn for our Lombard rug is dyed. We stand in the yard and chat to her while Miss Arti hangs wool out to dry. “Arti is a good girl,” her mother tells us. “She’s always helpful…” The older woman pauses, watching her daughter while she works. “When she gets married, I’ll cry.”

Miss Arti, yarn dyeing artisan, 19

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