Are you more of a modern or traditional man?

Mr Rambabu wears a look of intense concentration as he mixes natural indigo dye in a deep stone well. “Traditional. Definitely traditional,” he says, chuckling. “Technology can be too consuming. With mobile phones you’re expected to drop everything to answer. Sometimes I find it a bit too much.”


Pouffe, contemporary style in blue and white

He lifts freshly dyed cotton dhurrie from the well. “It looks green now, but that’s because there’s no oxygen in the water. When we put the dhurrie in the sun, it will turn your chosen shade of blue before your eyes.”


Pouffe, contemporary style in blue and white

Before it’s made into our Persia Blue Jasper Pouffe, the dhurrie is dried, washed, and dried again. “We dry them in the sun, for a whole day,” Mr Rambabu tells us. “So much of what we do depends on good weather. It can be difficult, but for me, I like the connectedness between what we make and Mother Nature.”

Mr Rambabu, 44, indigo dye master

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