Who is the funniest person you know?

Mr Rambaby is one of the shyest artisans we met. He shuffles his feet and mumbles at first. “Any of your family?” we suggest, coaxing out a response. Then we spot the flicker of a smile. “My father,” he says. “He likes to tell stories; Indian stories, from ancient times. That man is always making me laugh.”


Side table, industrial style in mango wood and steel

Once on the topic of family, he starts to open up further. “My older brother is a welder. When I saw him welding I wanted to do it too. I’ve been doing it for fifteen years now.” You can tell instantly that he looks up to him.



“I love spending time with my family. My children enjoy clothes shopping.” He pauses, a shy smile on his lips. “If I’m being honest, I enjoy shopping for clothes too.”


Mr Rambaby, welder 


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