How long have you been seasoning wood?

Munelal is cheeky and full of genuine cheer. We come upon him telling a story to one of his colleagues, he’s animated, and the other man is laughing. “I’ve been here for two years,” he says. “It’s a first class job. Great people, hard work,” he flexes his arms to show he’s strong. “I’ll retire here.”


tables and media units, industrial style

 Munelal is responsible for seasoning the mango wood used for our Sullivan side tables and media units in particular, ensuring there are no insects and the moisture levels are controlled. “That feeling, when you release the pressure from the chamber, it’s magnificent. I like pressing the button and feeling the woosh!”


tables and media units, industrial style

 “I think I’m pretty funny,” he says, causing his colleague to chuckle. “On my days off, I love to stay home and watch comedy movies.” He grins. “I mean, it’s practically research material.”

Munelal, 42, wood seasoning artisan

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