Ngân, 29 – upholstery artisan.

“Jade is for protection. I took my bracelet to a Buddhist temple and left it overnight with a monk to be blessed. It’s really necessary – there are lots of ghosts in my hometown. I’ve never seen one but I know people who have. If you see a shadow flying around your head, that’s a ghost.”


furniture, mid-century style

 “I joined the company two years ago and worked my way up from the lowest level, to the highest. Passing the test to attain the highest level was a huge achievement. I did really well, both in the written and the practical exam. I’m very proud of myself.”



 “My daughter is eight-years-old. She’s an excellent student, the number one in her school. The factory is going to give her a prize later this year to reward her for her work at school. I make sure she wears a Jade bracelet too.”

Ngân works on the upholstery for our mid-century style Mimi sofas, armchairs, footstools and pouffes.

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