Tell us about your tattoo.

Nguyen turns his forearm towards himself and looks at the heart being punctured by an arrow. “It’s for love, I think, I can hardly remember. It was done a really long time ago when I was 19 and a soldier.”


armchair, mid-century style

 Nguyen traces pieces of the Felix armchair’s frame onto planks of pine. He prefers his work now to when he was in the army. “There was never enough food. We used to eat something we called ‘ocean soup’, because it was more water than anything else!’”


armchair, mid-century style

 When asked why he left the army, Nguyen becomes coy. “Well, I was young, you know? And it was really hard work so…I ran away and hid in a forest!” He chuckles. “They found and arrested me almost immediately! I had to finish my two years’ service then.”

Nguyên, 42, carpenter

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