What makes you smile?

Preman looks us straight in the eye and says, “my wife’s colourful saris. She’s so vibrant.” He continues to talk about his wife; we don’t even need to ask questions. You can’t help but feel moved by such a display of unabashed affection.


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

 “Skill comes from interest, from passion.” He says, showing us around the complex maze that is his loom, weaving a small piece of our Duck Egg Blue basket weave cotton. “If you’re truly interested in something, it will become clear to you, if it’s clear, you can master it and feel satisfaction.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

 “The saddest moment in my life was when my mother passed away.” He smiles a small smile. “Mothers never stop being mothers, even when they’re old. Mine always used to tell me not to drink too much.” He pauses. “Sometimes, I listen.”

Preman. C, 55, basket weaver

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