Pukhraj, 33 – joiner and supervisor.

Jolly was the word that sprung to mind when we interviewed Pukhraj. He told us about his necklace. “It has a gold medallion with Lord Hanuman on; he helps to keep evil away. I’ve had it for 13 years and it reminds me that God is always with me. I had it made by a local goldsmith.”



“I take my work seriously, it’s how I became supervisor of a team of ten. Most people here are like family members so I enjoy teaching them what I know. My father taught me, and my grandfather taught him. I’ll teach my sons one day too, but the oldest is only 13 so he’s still a bit young. I can do most things here but I specialise in joinery and milling. Milling is especially difficult.”


Pukhraj specialises in joinery, working on a number of mid-century designs including the Ando and Sahara chests of drawers.

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