What’s your favourite colour?

“Black!” Qing De answers, without any hesitation. “I don’t know why, I just really like it. Most of my clothes are black. Every day I make sure I always have something black in my outfit!”


armchair, retro style in oak

A stitching artisan, Qing De draws the shape for the Karla armchair’s cushions onto the stonewashed canvas fabric. “I started working as a seamstress in 1989. I’ve made just about everything over the years and out of all materials I’ve worked with, I have to say I like leather the most. I don’t find it harder to work with than cotton at all.”


armchair, retro style in oak

Qing De is confidant and a natural poser. When asked if we could take her picture she reacts with horror – “but my shoes are so dirty!”

Tong, Qing De, 52, Stitching artisan

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