Quôc, 22 – webbing specialist.

“I moved to Saigon three years ago when I was 19. My older brother came too and now we live and work together, but somehow we never fight! We didn’t fight when we were children either.”


Armchair, mid-century style

“Having family here made it a lot easier to move. Now that I’m older and know how to do my job well I feel I have become a man. My brother has taught me well – my mum should be very proud of him.”


Armchair, mid-century style

“We’re going home in November for my mum’s birthday. I’m most excited about seeing a girl who I went to school with though. Hopefully she’ll see that I’ve become a man now. I’d like to marry her one day.”


Quôc attaches the webbing to our collection of Felix armchairs.

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