How long have you worked here?

“I’ve been here for twenty years,” Rageevan says with pride. “Coming to work here was one of the best decisions I ever made. When I came here, I met the woman I would marry.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

 In the tropics of Southern India, Rageevan dyes a small batch of cotton in our Duck Egg Blue shade. “You need concentration for this job,” he says, lifting the cotton hangs in and out of the vat. “And muscle, you need lots of muscle.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

“When I finish work, I might go and spend a little bit of time with my friends. But the thing is, even though we work in the same workshop, I still prefer to go home and relax with my wife.”

Rageevan KP, 49, dye master

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