What do you hold most importantly?

He looks up from inspecting a freshly lacquered Sullivan and rattles off a volley of instructions to his workers, before turning back to us. “It’s very simple,” he says. “Family is the most important thing in my life. Especially my children.”


Side table, industrial style in mango wood and steel

The supervisor of the finishing section has four children, he tells us. “Three boys and one girl.” He grins. “My daughter is the boss, she tells the boys what to do. I think she learnt it from her mother!”


Side table, industrial style in mango wood and steel

He’s a busy man and a born leader, interrupting our conversation to guide those who work under his supervision. When he returns he picks up where he left off; he can multi-task like the best of them. “Going out for dinner is our special family treat, we all love to go for Chinese and eat far too much every single time. It’s the Singapore noodles – I blame them not me!”

Rajesh Chauhan, finishing supervisor


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