Does anything about your job annoy you?

Ranveer doesn’t answer straight away, compelled to finish the seam on the Jasper pouffe before we chat. “Sorry,” he says when he’s done, “the only annoying part is having to unpick the yarn if you make a mistake.” Waving his hand flippantly he adds, “But that never happens to me.”


Pouffe, contemporary style in black and white

“You need to have a stable mind to do this job well. Without a stable mind, you can’t stitch straight.” His personal and professional lives work in tandem, helping him to maintain balance in both. You can’t help but feel calm around him.


Pouffe, contemporary style in black and white

Ranveer apologises, he has to answer his phone. A short discussion in Hindi ensues, but we can only hear Ranveer’s laughter. He puts his hand over the mouthpiece. “My two year old has started to call me by my first name,” he tells us. “He’s just discovered it and now refuses to call me anything else.”

Ranveer Singh, stitching artisan, 32

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