What’s it like to work together every day?

Ratiram, tall and fair, may be in physical opposition to his fellow screen-printing partner, Sahadeo, but they’re equally matched in sense of humour. “We’re like brothers,” he tells us, and then frowns in mock seriousness. “I’m the boss though.”


Pouffe, contemporary style in black and white

 The workshop is quiet as we watch the two men haul a large, hand-made screen over metres of white cotton dhurrie, pushing black ink through a stencil. They’re masters in screen-printing – a time-honoured printing technique – the duo behind the Zebra Diamond pattern on our Jasper pouffe. “I like to sing while I work,” Sahadeo tells us. “Indian folk songs, songs about the beauty of the village at sunrise and sunset.”


Pouffe, contemporary style in black and white

 “I sing with him and I do it better than he does,” Ratiram interjects, causing the rest of their colleagues, including Sahadeo, to laugh. Then he gives us a defiant look and does a little jig. “You see that?” he says. “I can dance, too!”

Sahadeo, 45, and Ratiram, 50, screen-printers

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