You live so close to the beach; do you go there often?

“Not as often as I would like,” Sajna tells us as we walk from her living room into the neighbouring textile workshop she runs with her husband. It’s where our Duck Egg Blue cotton fabric is made. “You’d be surprised. Not many people around here do. I’m one of the few people I know who enjoys it. I love the smells.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

“I didn’t know anything about crafting fabric until I married my husband. This was his father’s business,” she explains, sifting through fabric samples that have been dyed and woven on the premises. “Now I know a little bit about everything. But I’m still learning.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

“I love bright colours and patterns; look at me!” She gestures to her own clothes and then to Anand, her husband’s. “We’re in the fabric business and he asks me why I don’t wear simple things, like him! We balance each other out.”

Sajna KP, textile artisan

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