Sang, 35 – upholsterer.

“Every evening after work I go to the river and sit there until about 10pm. I find it so relaxing – I love the peace and quiet. Sometimes, if the fishing’s good, I’ll stay there all night. You can catch a lot of fish overnight.”

Mid-century style armchair

“I’ve been fishing for 16 years and have caught all sorts. The biggest was probably 3kg. It was hard to pull out of the water, but I felt so victorious when I finally managed it! It helps that I lift weights and do pull-ups at home. Keeping fit makes my work so much easier too.”


Mid-century style armchair

“My colleagues say that I’m really quiet, and I think it’s because I spend so many hours alone at night. Although, when I’ve had a beer or two I talk like a machine!”


Sang upholsters our collection of Felix armchairs.


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