Sanna Naapuri – designer.

“Inspiration can definitely come from the unexpected, but I’m almost always influenced by my travels. My family moved a lot when I was younger and I often find elements of Middle Eastern and Nordic cultures wind their way into my designs – sometimes totally subconsciously.”


Sanna Naapuri Studio- SWOON 1

“The Gecko print used on the Rouen Designer Edition is part of my Spring/Summer 2015 collection. I created a moodboard with old photographs from travels to the Ngorongoro conservation area in Tanzania and of the graphic patterns of the kangas worn by Masai tribes. To that I added cuttings from magazines of vintage resort wear from ‘The Golden Age of Travel’. Then I began to paint.”


Sanna Naapuri Studio- SWOON 4

“Most of my designs are hand-painted, so the print always begins with an illustration. It’s really important for me to have a personal, organic touch in every collection so I make sure to use watercolour or ink every time. In terms of materials, I love to work with natural fibres like silk and cotton; they work beautifully with colour. All of my shirts are 100% silk – they’re more vibrant and light to wear.”

“The olive green Gecko print is a fusion of the timeless polka dot and luxurious animal print. It’s a fun mix of two classics. That’s why I wanted to work with the Rouen stool – a classic French design but with etchings of the exotic thanks to its Indian origins and beautiful hand-carving.”


Sanna Naapuri is a textile designer and is the face behind the Designer Edition of our Rouen stool.

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