Satish & Sonya – father and daughter – manager and manager-to-be.

“I’ve been running the sand-casting workshop for 24 years. It’s a family-run affair that was set up by my grandfather and will be taken over by my daughter, Sonya, one day. We’re very proud to be keeping history alive. It’s very important to protect traditional craft in India.”


Sand Casting Process-22

“Our work is steady but we need to find ways to step up production. We’re facing a lot of competition from machines because they’re faster and cheaper. They’re not handicraft like ours though. Ours is the real thing and it makes a better product. Sonya did an MBA in Jaipur and I know she will be able to help the business grow. We’ll innovate, protecting our craft as we go.”


Satish & Sonya run the workshop where our brass plate-and-ring handles are made. They’re used on various French– and modern country-style designs, like the Camille and Claude chests of drawers.

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