What entertains you during your workday?

Satyanarayan’s work colleagues laugh and start to tease him. We ask him what’s going on and he smiles. “Throughout the day, my wife and I send photos of ourselves to each other.” You send each other selfies? “Yes.” He laughs. “People joke about it, but seeing each other makes us smile. I think it’s nice.”


Pouffe, contemporary style

Satyanarayan is a cutting and stitching artisan who works on our Jasper pouffes. “Ancestrally my family are tailors by profession,” he tells us. “I used to watch my father sew knowing that one day, I would follow in his footsteps.”


Pouffe, contemporary style

His phone beeps with a message from his wife, another picture. Satyanarayan can’t help smiling at it. “The first time I saw her I thought she looked like the full moon,” he says, using one of the greatest Indian compliments. “She still looks like the full moon.” He takes a picture of himself in return, places down his phone, and continues with his work.

Satyanarayan, 50, cutting and stitching artisan

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