Sheng, Qun, 43 – wood cutter.

“I’ve got a black dog. He’s a stray breed from the village and is only two-three months old. I call him Baobao, which means baby. It’s pretty appropriate given he basically eats what I eat, and as soon as I’m home he gets all my attention.”


Armchair, Scandinavian style

“My younger brother and I have always been very close. We meet up as often as we can. He’s a salesman though, so he’s often away on the road.”


Armchair, Scandinavian style

“I’ve been working in this workshop for a year now. Before this I worked in another furniture workshop not too far from here. I was brought up in a village nearby. I still live there today.”

Qun cuts out the shapes used to craft our Scandinavian-style Karla armchair.

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