What’s been the best day of your life so far?

“My wedding day,” Sorabh says without even pausing to think about it. “Have you ever been to an Indian wedding?” he asks us. Sadly, we shake our heads. “It’s so much fun. So much music and dancing, and the groom rides in on a horse!” A horse? “Yes. When I was on that horse, it was so much fun.”


Pouffe, contemporary style in black and white

He takes a dhurrie with our Zebra Diamond pattern on it, measures it, and then cuts the pieces for our Jasper pouffe. “In my village, I used to work in a light bulb factory,” he tells us as he cuts. “But I wanted to work in textiles so I came here and got a job as a helper. Now I get to work with textiles every day.”


Pouffe, contemporary style in black and white

 “I don’t like having days off,” Sorabh says, laughing a little. “My family will just give me a headache. Ask me to bring this, bring that, do this, do that.” He looks at us, smiling now. “I’m joking!”

Sorabh Sing, 28, cutting artisan

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