What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Sukesh, shrugs, smiles, and looks around the workshop; the freshly dyed yarn hangs bright against its white walls. “I love colour,” he says, a simple yet honest answer. “This is my favourite colour,” he tells us, patting the traditional South Indian sarong he wears. “Orange.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

He carefully spoons pigment powder on to a set of scales. A touch of yellow, a little blue, careful to find the right balance to create the perfect colour. “After my studies, I came here to learn how to mix colour. It took two years of training to be able to confidently create colour. I’ve been here for twenty years now.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

 “I never dye things for myself, but I do for my friends,” Sukesh tells us. “I know how to make the colours they want.” He laughs. “They’re always asking me to dye their jeans for them.”

Sukesh, 38, dye master

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