What makes you laugh?

The young carpenter seems shy at first. “Dancing”, one of his colleagues offers up, which produces a chuckle from Surendra. “It’s true,” he says. “I love dancing. When I’m moving to the music…” — he sways a little for emphasis — “…It makes me laugh. It makes me happy.”


Armchair, French-style

“I get really excited when we’re given a new design to make. I love to see new things. Some of my family are also carpenters in Jodhpur,” he says. “When I visit their places of work, I look forward to seeing furniture I’ve never seen before.”


Armchair, French style

When we ask Surendra what he finds challenging in life, he’s adamant there is nothing. “What would I complain about? My life is great. I have a car, land, a wife, a baby – I have everything.” And then he’s laughing again. It’s infectious, honest and more than anything, heartwarming.


Surendra, carpenter, 22

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