Thăng, 40 – upholsterer.

“There’s no point in stressing about life. Every situation has a solution, and if you stay calm and let time pass, you’ll figure it out.”


Armchair, mid-century style

“I studied agricultural science when I was younger – I wanted to be a poultry farmer. Unfortunately, I graduated just as the H5N1 virus was kicking off, so it wasn’t a great time to be a poultry farmer… but that’s life isn’t it!”


Armchair, mid-century style

“I sold cooking gas for eight years, but as the economy got worse I couldn’t make ends meet. I hated the paperwork and the admin; this job is much better! Maybe I’ll set up another business in the future. But for now, I’m happy here.’


Thăng attaches foam to our collection of Felix armchairs.

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