Thu Suong, 30 – seamstress.

“My favourite films are romances, but I’ve never experienced anything overly romantic. Not even on Valentine’s Day – my husband and I just stay in. It would be so romantic if one day, he gave me a rose.”


Armchair, mid-century style

Thu Suong is a highly skilled seamstress – she passed her most recent test with the highest mark. Her hands are always moving; even while we talk, she’s fiddling with the fabric for our Felix armchair.


Armchair, mid-century style

Thu Suong’s name roughly translates to ‘Autumn fog’ and is considered a beautiful name. “I don’t feel beautiful. I like our uniform, it’s smart, but if I were all dressed up in my own clothes, maybe then I’d feel beautiful.”

Thu Suong works on the upholstery for our mid-century-style Felix armchair

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