What are you most proud of?

“The most difficult colour problem I had to solve,” Kou Tian tells us as he paints the frame of our Karla armchair. “I had to create two very specific colours using water-soluble paint when we’d just started using them. They’re both colours we use today and I’m pretty proud of that.”


armchair, retro style, Scandinavian style, oak wood

Kou Tian has an almost defiant air about him, as though he wouldn’t let anything stop him achieving something until he’s exhausted all angles. “I love solving problems,” he says, “The more difficult the problem, the more satisfying I find solving it.”


armchair, retro style, Scandinavian style, oak wood

Becoming more and more animated, he tells us about his biggest passion. “I love colour and I’m obsessed with finding out more about mixing, matching and designing colours. My favourite colour is sky blue because it’s so wide and free. My least favourite is bright red, I find it too aggressive on the eyes.”

Wu, Kou Tian, 42, wood painter

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