Tell us about your daughter.

“My daughter’s name is Ameya – it means immeasurable.” Vidya tells us. “Do you know what else is immeasurable?” We offer examples but she shakes her head before beaming at us. “Love.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

 Vidya trains artisans in how to use the machinery that takes raw cotton and turns it into the yarn we use for our Duck Egg Blue upholstery. “I’m good at explaining things to people,” she says. “India is a big country, with many languages. People come from all over to work here – so I teach Hindi as well.”


Upholstery, cotton in light blue

 “I like to sing Carnatic music. It’s a kind of South Indian classical music,” she says this with a mixture of humility and pride. “When I’m not at work, this is something I teach, also.”

Vidya Kishore, 35, yarn tutor

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