Wang, Jian Bing, 33 – wood carver.

“I love playing computer games like Call of Duty. I’m pretty good at it. I play against other people on the Internet but, if I’m being honest, I prefer playing it outside of online competitions – it’s a form of relaxation to me.”


bench, gustavian style

 “I left home at 17 to become a wood carver. It takes about two to three years to learn how to carve wood properly. I’m confident at carving most things but complicated flowers like Chrysanthemums I find quite difficult.”


bench, gustavian style

 “My hometown is in a beautiful province with lots of water and countryside and green spaces. I grew up on a maize farm and although I only worked on it once or twice before leaving home, I miss the landscape. I’m the youngest of three boys so I guess looking back you could say I was pretty spoilt… I can’t believe I’m telling you all this.”

Wang, Jian Bing works on our Gustavian-style Juliette bench

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