Wen, Gui Xiang, 45 – carpenter.

“I hate having my picture taken – I get very shy! I love to take pictures though, especially of my grandchildren. My son, his wife and their two kids live here with me. Thankfully, I get on really well with my daughter-in-law. She met my son in Guangdong through matchmakers.”


Mid-century style armchair

“I’m from Hunan and worked in an iron and steel factory in Guangdong before settling here in Zhejiang. My daughter-in-law and I both have a very strong work ethic and we’re always looking for things to do around the house. The best part? She’s a very good cook! ”


Mid-century style armchair

“Although I’m from Hunan I don’t eat spicy food anymore and prefer stir fries. In Guangdong they don’t eat chillies and I’ve been away from home for so long now I’ve lost my taste buds! I know I’ll go back eventually. Maybe I’ll pick up my taste buds again then.”


Wen creates the holes used to join the pieces of wood on our Karla armchairs.


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