Xiang, Sheng Qiu, 40 – wood laminator.

“I really admire my eldest daughter. She’s 18 and very studious, especially with science and maths. She doesn’t always get the best results, but she’s calm and patient and she keeps going. I think that’s a great attitude.”


armchair, Scandinavian style

“I like variety so I enjoy working in the workshop and trying new things on the various machines. I’m the type of person who’s always itching to try something new.”


armchair, Scandinavian style

Sheng Qiu used to work in construction but as the housing bubble in Shanghai cools, construction work has slowed. “As a construction worker you’ve got to constantly move around, following the work. I need more stability so I moved into furniture. I have a family to support!”

Sheng Qiu laminates the oak planks used in the crafting of our Scandinavian-style Karla armchair.

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