Do you have any children?

“I have one daughter,” Xing Ping tells us. Then, smiling playfully, he holds up his index finger, making his point clear – “She’s a naughty one!”


Bench, Gustavian style

 “My friends describe me as a workaholic,” he says while pulling linen over the top of our Juliette bench, as though emphasising his point. “It’s true,” he shrugs. “I’m a workaholic. I can’t help it – I just really like working, and the more complicated the work is, the better.”


Bench, Gustavian style

“Even when I was younger,” he continues, seemingly glad to be talking about his favoured topic. “I’d spend my holidays chopping wood or looking for other things I could work on. I know it’s pretty boring, and probably not what people want to hear, but it’s the truth. It’s who I am.”

Yu, Xing Ping, 39, upholsterer

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